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Free Oldies Music Videos provides the means to access the Top 20 plus popular songs in video format for each year of the golden era of popular music - 1956 to 1989.

The videos we show are available on YouTube. On our site you can access and play them in an orderly manner.

Many of the clips are not actual music videos, rather from television shows and live performances - especially in the 1950s and 1960s because music videos simply did not exist at the time. Some of the clips are surprisingly good. Many have embedded advertisements, but fortunately, most of the ads can be closed quickly.

Our criteria for selecting the videos we show are as follows:
....... Original Artist near the time of hit's release
....... Highest quality sound and video (often a trade-off)
....... Preference for video action over slideshow, photo or album cover

If you know of videos or clips that may be more appropriate than those we show, please let us know - admin@FreeOldiesMusicVideos.com and we will check them out.

For more complete audio coverage of the Oldies from 1950 to 1989, please visit our companion site at www.tropicalglen.com.

Play the Top 100 Hits

Play the Top 100 Hits


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Free Oldies Music Videos - Our Musical Heritage

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